Hello! I love to co-create impact. Social impact. Impact in the way we organize our work, our lives, our organizations and our planet. I'm always looking for innovative solutions to organize society less complex. 

And yes! I was born in 1983. Just old enough to have experienced a career in the old economy. Just young enough to understand the new upcoming sharing economy. The circular economy. Or Weconomy. What ever you call it. The 3.0 era where it's no longer about where you work, but what you're working on! Where growth is exponential. 

We live in a time where technology creates a level playing field for anyone. You don't have to work all week anymore to create impact. You don't need to have an organization to organize work. You don't need a job, to earn a living.

Welcome to this post modern area of extreme decentralized organization, autonomous teams and networked collapreneurs. 

Let's open the windows and fasten the seat belts!

Book me as a speaker (Dutch and English), or learn about my latest start-up: Part-up!

Clarke: "The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible."