About Part-up

With Ralph Boeije and Erik Soonieus I founded Part-up. A marketplace for teamwork, and a place to collaborate with your team. We match people into temporary teams, using among other variables the performance reviews of your teammembers. What are your talents? Put them at work in temporary teams, and build a profile out of real work. 

Part-up is the platform to activate communities. Current collaboration software assume that you have team. Part-up gives you a team. Start a team, or join one at Part-up.com

We're not like any other start-up. We're a social impact start-up: on a mission to give you future full of jobs and your best teams ever. We build Part-up out of part-ups: temporary teams. Not having anyone on the payroll, and avoiding a complex organization. In this way we can grow exponentially. Our business model? Organizations pay us to get a tribe; a tribe is a collection of uppers (users) and part-ups that allow you to part-up internally. And we have premium accounts; to get better matches. 

Part-up is allowing a new way of organizing. Cutting down complexity and allowing self-managed teams. With Part-up you get your own 100% flexible workforce. 

Old economy

  • Money first
  • Work in jobs and functions
  • Managers (organize vertically and centralized)
  • Design to retain itself
  • Pointed responsibility
  • Ownership and capital
  • Invisible individual performance
  • External motivation
  • Starts with distrust 

New economy (powered by Part-up)

  • Impact first
  • Freedom of work, work in teams
  • Non-hierarchical (organize horizontally and decentralized)
  • Dis incorporate once mission is fulfilled
  • Shared responsibility 
  • Shared ownership and social capital
  • Transparent performance rating online
  • Internal motivation / passion
  • Start with trust