Laurens Waling

Founder Part-up | Crowdorganizer

Laurens Waling: Founder Part-up | Speaker | Collapreneur

Why do I do the things I do? Because I believe we can organize our world so much easier. We're still running organizations on operating principles of the last century. If we would design the world with the technology we have today, we save lots of time and effort. This time we can spend on the things that really matter! 

Let's Part-up!


It's awesome to be on stage. To take the lead in exploring the current and future possibilities with a group. To interact with audiences. It's something I can't stop doing. However, I'm not one of those speakers who just tell about stuff they never experienced themselves. For me it's walk your talk. It's a personal story, not a scientific one. Yes, I did study; but my views are my own :) I share them to inspire. 

I hate prepared presentations, especially when they have bullets. Every audience deserves a unique story. A show that is filled with improvisation, real-life examples and tool demo's. You want to learn something new right?  

Usually I demo Part-up right away. I start a team instantly with the audience, who can participate on their phones, tablets and laptops. It's not unusual to have a team up and running in 2 minutes. How long does that normally take you? 

I get quite a lot of speaker request. So please, indicate why you really need me. 

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It's always a good idea to catch my presentation on camera! Feel free to share my message with the world.